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August 1, 2000



Los Angeles, California, August 2000 -, the leader in website development and hosting, has created a strategic e-commerce enabling partnership program. By stepping into Ivenue.comıs technology businesses are able to monetize existing sales and distribution channels and generate additional revenue from existing small business customers. As an partner, you may bundle your brand of web development and hosting solutions for existing, and new customers, delivering high impact and fully functional e-commerce enabled websites. This program allows partners to create a recurring revenue stream without the post sales responsibilities of technical support and billing. In this turnkey program, has developed and implemented efficient systems to handle the back end of the business top to bottom, from the dot to the dollar. In result, partners generate revenue with no after-sale overhead. Most importantly, partners are able to benefit from immediate incentive payments; without delay for provisioning, billing and collections, due to our immediate online retail billing process. offers a comprehensive line of private labeled website construction and web hosting solutions, from the latest innovative e-commerce solutions to dedicated hosting solutions. The product delivers a complete, branded, e-commerce, and site-hosting business product portfolio. Partner Technology provides a variety of options: Private Label Programs, Co-Branded Programs, Customized Telemarketing Services, Customized Service Programs, Sales and Technical Training Programs, and Outreach to Existing Customer Base.'s custom branded solution provides a unique opportunity for companies and their accounts to build their brand, attract new customers, and distribute their products and services to a larger user base. Our domain registration tools enable companies and individuals to stake their claim to their cyberspace real estate, and own their on the World Wide Web. Additionally, one of the unique elements of the feature rich, easy-to-use software is the site owner's ability to modify his online presence at anytime, from anywhere without software knowledge or training.

In just the first phase of our partnership program, has forged agreements with numerous prestigious resellers. Among the Private Label Partnerships are Blackstone Webshop, powered by Blackstone, BizSiteMaker powered by Clariti, EZ SiteBuilder powered by Systnetweb, Ebizcapsulecom powered by Capsule Communications, and Matrix WebMaster, powered by Matrix Telecom. "It's a Matter of Survival for most businesses today, says Greg Rosebeck,'s Chief Executive Officer. "Every Company has a phone, every Company has a door, every Company has a cash register. Every Company will have a high impact, fully functional, feature rich e-commerce enabled web presence. An online presence with simple tools that allow every business to become their own webmaster controlling their online destiny to significantly improve revenue generation capabilities. provides the total solution."

"Our only concern with marketing the private label solution is that our sales channels want to sell this product so much more than existing products, because they receive commissions sooner and itıs a much easier sale than our core business products," states Joe Koppy, President, Internet Business Association.

Last year numerous online businesses were not prepared for the on-slaught of holiday sales. Internet sales this holiday season are predicted to at least double from last year. With the E-Commerce Solution, businesses can capitalize and profit from the upcoming season, generating revenue online with the least amount of lead time. This is unlike traditional web development services where it takes a significant length of time to build a branded website, cover their capital expenditure, and generate profitable revenue., located in Los Angeles, California, was founded in 1997, and is one of the fastest growing Internet enterprises. The company has built and presently hosts in excess of 500,000 e-commerce enabled websites. offers a turnkey program where companies can offer their extensive customer base a sophisticated, but easy, online presence accompanied with a strong multiple server and technical support foundation. To learn more call 1-800-474-9104 or visit


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Applause Press Releases


August 1998 - Movie Product


Leading Gift Manufacturer lands license for #1 cartoon

WOODLAND HILLS, CA -- Applause enthusiastically announces the receipt of the Warner Bros. license to produce gifts and plush based on the widely acclaimed Scooby-Doo characters. The gift and plush manufacturer known for its unsurpassable quality is working on a variety of wacky and groovy piecetypes that tie in with the Scooby-Doo psychedelic scene.

"Scooby-Doo has the unique ability of appealing to both youngsters/teens who are first time viewers of the show as well as adults who have fond memories of the Saturday morning broadcasts of their youth," say Chaz Fitzhugh, Director of Brand Management at Applause. "We have a product line with offerings for both groups, and we will build on this two-pronged fan base in the future."

Warner Bros. Scooby-Doo is not only one of the longest running cartoons in television history, but is also the #1 show on the Cartoon Network. It plays 40 times per week on Cartoon Network, TBS, and TNT. The show reaches 40 million households daily and has 310 brand new episodes in syndication. The feature length direct to video animated movie Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island is coming to video stores in September 1998.

The Applause Scooby-Doo product line launches in January 1999. It features the characters of Scooby-Doo (namesake dog), Shaggy (the dog's beatnik owner), the Mystery Machine (their hippie van and means of transportation) and the Creeper (one of the famed monsters). Presently under development is a collection of Plush highlighting Scooby-Doo. In addition, the line of hardgoods includes a figurine gift box featuring an assortment of wacky characters, figural key chains, funs straws, and a playful Scooby-Doo Bank. What's more, there are groovy Decal Mugs, silly Kid's Cups, and a practical and popular Scooby-Doo Commuter Mug. Applause's Scooby-Doo collection will be available at better independent and chain gift shops, specialty retailers, department stores and bookstores.

Applause Inc., headquartered in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills, is one of the leading gift companies in the industry. Founded 31 years ago by Wallace Berrie, it offers an unequaled portfolio of classic licensed merchandise including some of the world's most popular characters from Disney's Mulan, Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life and Nickelodeon's Rugrats. Applause also manufactures classic products such as Raggedy Ann & Andy, Sad Sam & Honey, Josef and Dakin Brand Plush.


Scooby-Doo and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Hanna-Barbara © 1998.
The Cartoon Network and logo are trademarks of The Cartoon Network, Inc. © 1998.

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August 1998 - Worth While Cause

Applause announces the arrival of a bear with a cause -
The all new "Susan Bear"


WOODLAND HILLS, CA -- Applause, Inc. has just announced a partnership with the nation's leading catalyst in the fight against breast cancer, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, assists in its mission to "eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease by advancing research, education, screening and treatment." In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Applause will introduce the "1998 Dakin Charity Bear", otherwise known as "Susan Bear" (SRP/$20). Ten percent of the retail sales proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

The "Susan Bear" is the first in a line of bears with the appropriate slogan: "Dakin Bears for a Cause," which the company plans to release over the next few years to support worthwhile charitable causes. The Dakin line is Applause's premier product line. The plush golden-brown, sixteen-inch "Susan Bear" is adorned with pink ribbons - symbolic of breast cancer awareness. One ribbon is around Susan Bear's neck, another is embroidered on her foot and the third is attached to her hangtag. This last one is for the buyer to wear in order to raise public awareness of breast cancer.

"We felt that National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was an appropriate time to begin our "Bears for a Cause" campaign," said Jonathan Mather, President/CEO of Applause. "Susan Bear is indeed a bear on a mission, intent upon raising thousands of dollars for the Komen Foundation. The beauty of a bear is that it is enduring and makes the perfect gift for just about anyone: yourself, a loved one, a child, or someone in need of cheer. It is our sincere hope that this bear will be a success and help launch what will become a yearly tradition."

The company plans to further support Breast Cancer Awareness Month by participating in Lee National Denim Day™, October 9, 1998. Employees will each contribute $5 for the privilege of wearing jeans to work for a day, while Applause will match each donation to the Komen Foundation.

Established in 1982 by Nancy Brinker to honor the memory of her sister, Susan G. Komen, who died form breast cancer at age 36, the Foundation's mission is to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. Volunteers work through local affiliates and Race for the Cure® events in over 90 communities across the country.

In addition to funding major national research initiatives, the Foundation delivers the lifesaving massage of early detection to hundreds of thousands of women and men, and funds education, screening and treatment projects for the medically under served in communities form coast to coast.

The Komen Foundation has a toll-free Helpline (1-800-I'M AWARE) answered by trained, caring volunteers who provide timely and accurate information to caller with breast cancer concerns. In addition, the Foundation has launched a comprehensive website ( with up to the minute information and Foundation news and articles.

The Applause product targets gift givers and collectors. It is available at specialty gift stores, card shops, hospital gift shops, tourist/souvenir and department stores nationwide. Consumers can call 1-800-777-6990 to find out how to purchase product.

Applause Inc., headquartered in the Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills, is one of the leading gift companies in the industry. Founded 31 years ago by Wallace Berrie, it offers an unequaled portfolio of classic licensed merchandise including some of the world's most popular characters from Disney's Mulan, Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life and Nickelodeon's Rugrats. Applause also manufactures classic products such as Raggedy Ann & Andy, Sad Sam & Honey, Josef and Dakin Brand Plush.


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